Brief history of La Alpujarra. http://www.la-alpujarra.org/nieles/historia_alpujarra.htm

Chronicle of Juviles in the year 1572.http://usuarios.lycos.es/rodriradi/Ver/lugar_de_juviles.htm

History of the fall of the Loja castle, Juviles is mentioned.http://web.jet.es/loxa/galeria/galeria5.htm

History Juviles, narration of the facts.http://www.aldearural.com/alpujarra/historia/islam.htm

The war of the Moors in the Alpujarras.http://www.lasalpujarras.org/moriscos/

The rebellion of the Moors. http://www.aldearural.com/alpujarra/historia/aben%20humeya.htm

Another page that talk about the uprise of the Moors.http://www.andalucia.cc/municipal/juviles/historia.htm

Overview of the war of the Moors.http://www.juviles.net/la%20guerra%20de%20los%20moriscos.htm

The story of Omar ben Hafsún

History report on the second repopulation of the Kingdom of Granada after the expulsion of the Moors. prokopenko.pdf

Author:Serguéi Prokopenko.Pedagogical department, University Ulianovsk, Russia.

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